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Give The Gift of Choice!

How does anyone explore, or experience God love's if they are never given the chance to choose.
Help us to give all people the gift of choice.  

A One-Time Gift

Give a one time gift and change someone's life.

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A Monthly Pledge

Give monthly for one year and we can provide a church where there are none. 

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Creative Giving

  1. On your next Birthday, instead of receiving gifts, ask your friends to donate to EMI 

  2. Host a fun fundraising event: Bowling, wine tasting etc.

  3. Make your purchases through Amazon Smile and assign EMI as your charity.

Partner With Us Today

Give Once

Join the community of people making access to God's love a reality.


EMI is firmly committed to good stewardship of the funds you have entrusted to us.  We promise to use your gift efficiently, effectively and responsibly, forever mindful of your trust and sacrifice.  We promise to invest in the lives of people and be faithful to fulfill the mission to which you have invested.

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