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Church~ It's How Love Is Experienced

Love Is Only Real When It Is Experienced

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EMI Kaohsiung Church

Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

The people of EMI Kaohsiung are a vibrant group of Believers. In a land where 93% do not know Christ, the people are grateful to have been introduced to such a loving and accepting God. As one girl put it, "The Christian Jesus is just so nice!"  

Mexico Church for Gay Christians

EMI Mexico City Church

Mexico City, Mexico

When we opened our church in Mexico City, Diana arrived angry and lost.  Diana's kids were afraid of her until the love of God broke into her life. Now with hurts healed and faults forgiven, Diana enjoys the affection of her kids and the peace of God.


EMI Taichung Church

Taizhong City, Taiwan

In a country saturated with idols and superstition, where only 7% of the population knows Christ, EMI Taichung stands out as a shining example of God's love.  The church is fun, friendly, and in love with God. "Never, have I seen a group of people so grateful to have discovered a God who is loving, kind, and forgiving," said Janet.

MCI Church for LGBT

EMI Melbourne Inclusive Church

Melbourne City, Australia.

A Church is where love is experienced.  This was true for Sarah who came looking for a church that would accept her young transgendered son. Every evangelical church rejected them until they found MIC.  At MIC they experienced love and acceptance, and a place where they can grow spiritually. 

Image by Slava

What's Next for EMI?

Gays Going Global with the Gospel

By 2025 EMI is looking to provide 3 additional churches in Taiwan, 4 additional churches in Mexico, and 10 small group churches throughout the United States and Australia. In addition we will be opening our Ministry Training School in January, 2022 to train you for local and global mission. Share how you or your church would like to help.

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