Love Gives People A Chance To Choose 

"Choices are the Hinges of Destiny" ~E. Markham

Why LGBT+?

When people are excluded from Christianity because of class, culture, or sexual identity, how are they to discover a God that loves them; how can they choose?  

Why Churches?

A Church is simply a group of friends through whom God's love can be explored, experienced, and expressed.   Therefore, at EMI, we are gays going global, providing inclusive churches, with an inclusive message of God's inclusive love so that all people have the chance the choose God's love for themselves. 

Where Are We Now?

Currently we have provided churches in Asia, Australia, Mexico and the USA, but we have only just begun. Consider joining with us as together we can give more people in more places the chance to choose.
Design Concrete

Values- Are How We Live Out Love

Our Values Guide Our Conversation and Conduct. 


We seek to communicate an understandable and relatable Gospel message so that all people can choose to believe (or not) in God's love.


Our people seek to create a relational environment so that all excluded people can feel they belong to a family of God.


Our Christian Centers seek to encourage personal, professional, and spiritual growth so that people can achieve their God-given potential.