"Alone we can do so little,

but together we can do so much."

~Helen Keller

At EMI our work is a team effort. Together with our fearless Field Workers and our generous donors, we have been able to provide churches across the nations where people can experience God's love and acceptance.

Janet Robertson

EMI Global Director

Janet Robertson is a graduate of the Glasgow Bible College, Scotland, U.K. After graduation she worked 8 years with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Holland, India and Nepal.  After coming to the United States, Janet pursued a degree in International Business and later founded Encounter Missions International.

Becky Bauer

Church Planter, Australia

After graduating from the EMI Bible School, Becky left California to plant a church in Melbourne, Australia.  With her skills as a Project Manager and her can-do attitude, Becky soon had a small Bible Study formed.  Within a few short years, Becky was able to start the Melbourne Inclusive Church.

Yi-Bao Chang.jpg

Dr. Yi-Bao Chang

Taiwan Mission Director

Coming from a country where the Christian population is only 4%, Yi-Bao, against the odds, discovered Christ. Since that time, she has faithfully served EMI for nearly 20 years and in that time has helped EMI plant churches and establish small groups in various towns and cities. She desires to reach the excluded and unsaved with God's unconditional love and encourage them to live out God's purposes to fullness. 

Liliana Huerta

Church Planter, Mexico.

When Liliana came out as a lesbian Christian, she felt like a spiritual orphan. No church in Mexico would accept her. However, God began to open up doors for training and ministry. When Liliana saw that there was a deep spiritual void in the LGBT community, she knew that a church was the answer. So Liliana reached out to EMI and together Misión Cristiana Incluyente was birthed in Mexico City.

Denise Lord & Diane Naegele

EMI's First Church Planters

Denise Lord and her partner Diane Naegele are EMI's first church planters.  Leaving their family, friends, and jobs behind in California, they went to Taiwan where they served for 14 years. In that time they introduced so many Taiwanese to our loving God. "There is nothing better than witnessing the curiosity and amazement when a person realizes that the Christian God loves and accepts them just the way they are," said Denise Lord. Denise and Diane leave behind an eternal legacy in Taiwan.

The Jefferson Family

Church Planting Assistants

As an Executive with HP, Lorri Jefferson had the opportunity to study HP software in Taiwan.  As an EMI partner, Lorri was very familiar with EMI's work in Taiwan, and so she and her wife, Miko, jumped at the opportunity to spend a couple of years in Taiwan.  During their time in Taiwan, they assisted EMI in church growth, discipleship, and leadership development. However, their crowning achievement was when Miko gave birth to their son Zackery, EMI's youngest missionary.