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Providing a Place to Belong

True belonging doesn't require you to change who you are,

it requires you to be who you are." ~ Brené Brown

The Problem

Too many people in the world today feel shunned and shamed by their churches. Unfortunately for too many, the Christian message has been a loud and clear rejection of who they are.  So the problem is this, how can LGBTQ+ people experience God's love?

God hates gays

The Effects

The effect of these negative messages directed towards LGBTQ+ people can have devastating results such as agonizing isolation, low self-esteem, and a loss of their God-given dreams. So, if we don't care, who will?

suicide because of church

The Solution

Church!  The church is the best platform to reflect God's inclusive love so that people have the chance to choose. You can join us and help establish an inclusive community in your area where all people have the opportunity to explore, experience, and express God's love. Church is God's chosen vehicle to make love real.

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