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Our Mission

Providing Inclusive Churches for Excluded People

Our Mission: Encounter Mission International (EMI) is a global organization dedicated to training, sending, and supporting the establishment of inclusive churches for excluded individuals.  

Why Church: At EMI we view the church as the best platform for empowering people with the chance to choose.  We define the church as any group, large or small, coming together with the express goal of expressing God's love through their conduct and conversations. This "gathered group" serves as the best means for people to explore God's message, experience His love, and express that love in their local communities. 

Our Superpower

At EMI, we possess two superpowers that set our mission apart: 1) We believe in an all-inclusive Gospel for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, race, or gender. 2) At EMI, our Churches are all about function, not form. We're here to introduce people to Christ, and our churches adapt their form to best communicate in their culture

Our Values

Values Guide Our Conversations and Conduct

  1. Believe: We aim to communicate a relatable Gospel message, allowing everyone the choice to believe in God's love.

  2. Belong: Our goal is to foster a relational environment in all our communities

  3. Achieve: We strive to inspire personal, professional, and spiritual growth, enabling all to reach their God-given destiny.

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