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Welcome To
Misión Cristiana Incluyente

A Member of The EMI Global family of Churches

Welcome to EMI Mexico, with two vibrant locations in Mexico City. Our Sunday services feature lively music, vibrant praise dances, and impactful sermons. Our dress code is casual and comfortable. At EMI, our core identity is our inclusivity, affirming God's love for all, regardless of sexual orientation, age, gender, or race. Join us for a warm and welcoming worship experience.   We love to meet new people, so come visit us anytime.  Translation services are available for English speakers.

Here is Where To Find Us

1. EMI Oriente Church: Cecilio Robelo 517, Col Jardin Balbuena

2. EMI Norte Church: Ahuehuetes 592B, Col Pasteros

Time: Sunday Service begins @ 12:00 noon. 

Mid-Week Groups:  Online and In-person


An Invitation from Pastor Liliana 


Hi, I'm Pastor Liliana and I want to invite you to check out our church to see if we are a fit for you. We have worked hard to create a place where you are invited to explore God's assertions, experience God's love, and to be able to express God's love in practical ways in our community.   

Meet Our Church Family

Our Life in Pictures

Greetings from Joy & Pastor Yi-Bao from EMI Taiwan
Greetings from Pastor Becky from EMI Australia

News, Events, & Updates

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