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Welcome To EMI United States

A Member of The EMI Global family of Churches

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Welcome to EMI U.S.A. We invite you to a different kind of church one that offers a refreshing approach to re-engaging people with Christianity. These groups prioritize dialogue over monologue, fostering curious and open-hearted conversations. In an era of diverse perspectives, they provide a space where questions are welcomed, ensuring everyone's voice is heard. By promoting genuine exchanges, these groups strengthen faith and create a supportive community for the exploration and deepening of beliefs, reviving Christianity's spirit across the nation.

Here is Where To Find Us


An Invitation from Lorri Jefferson


Hello, I'm Lorri Jefferson, an advocate for small group churches. I believe it's time for a new church format, one that embraces those who have felt rejected or disheartened by church politics. My mission is to provide a spiritual home for you. 

Contact me at

An Invitation From Around The U.S.

An Invitation from Pastor Sandy Turnbull

The Glory Center, California.


Hello, I'm Pastor Sandy or The Glory Center

Address: 9812 Walnut Street, Bellflower, CA 90706

Time: Sunday @ 10:00 a.m. 

The Glory Center


An Invitation from Kay & Korina

EMI Salt Lake City


Hello, We're Kay and Korina of EMI Salt Lake City.

Address: 785 Junipero Ave, Long Beach, CA 90804

Time: Sunday @ 11:00 a.m.

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An Invitation from Jenn Rodzinka

EMI New York


Hello, I'm ready to host a small group for anyone in the upstate New York area.  


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An Invitation from Lorri & Miko

EMI Houston


Hello, We're Lorri and Miko and we invite you to join our Houston online Group which meets on Tuesday nights


Golden Gate Bridge

An Invitation from San Fransisco


Hello, We're a new small group that meets once a month in the Castro District.  If you are local or visiting come join us.  For details drop us a line at

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