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Why Go Global?

The question that rocked my world

I was in Taiwan teaching English for a year when I was asked the question that would rock my world.  One afternoon I met up with a Taiwanese friend for a casual coffee and a chat.  My friend, a non-Christian lesbian, casually informed me that only 3% of Taiwan was Christian and of that 3%, none accepted gay people.  Then came the question: "So, what are the odds that someone like me is ever going to hear about your God's love?"  With that question, I heard God ask, "If not you, who?" If gays don't go, who will? Today, thanks to your support, EMI has been able to train and send gay Christians to provide churches in Taiwan, Mexico, and Australia, providing a place where LGBT people can experience and express the love of God.

Footnote:  The odds were in my friend's favor. Not only did she become a Christian, but the Lord gave her the woman of her dreams. 

Janet Robertson

Executive Director

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